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World Global Technology Data Science

A real-time operational control, management information & deep insights platform.
Data is your oxygene
World Global Technology is the digital banking platform for forward-thinking financial institutions. We are the only banking platform on the market that enables banks to access real-time customer data and real-time data warehousing.
What are the problems ?
We believe that data is the single most important component dictating the success of a bank. Unfortunately, banks cannot access this data due to a number of reasons.


High Cost

Risk & Complexity

Data accessibility
Existing data structures can make it hard to get to the data you need and require.
Data Inaccuracy
Different systems inputting information can lead to conflicting information making it hard to get an accurate data view.
Data Silos
It is nearly impossible to get a full Single View of Customer when data related to the customer is held in different silos and not linked together.

Speed to Market

Bad User Experiences

Data Quality
Maintenance is often difficult and complex and only performed by a highly skilled, scarce and expensive technology professional.
Lags within existing warehouses can be significant leading to the delivery of old, often out-of-date information and insights.
Multiple data sources and systems are expensive to maintain and upgrade.

"If you compare banks to companies like Google, it's evident that banks are still at the nascent stage of the digital and data revolution"

- Vik Atal
How does World Global Technology Data Science solves these problems ?
World Global Technology Data Science includes pre-built banking focused business content such as data models, reports and dashboards specifically developed for all key stakeholders and business users within financial services


Real-time Data Access
Access detailed, real-time customer data through our state-of-the-art data platform.
Single View of Customer
All data is mapped to a unique customer ID giving a complete and full customer view across your entire relationship.
Extracted Data Marts
Data extracted into logical business relevant marts allowing for easier access and change for specific needs within the organisation.
Data Governance
Well structured data not only allows better data access, but gives easier audit and regulatory change capabilities.
Analytics & Insights
Utilise data across your organisation for decision making, both on a tactical and strategic level.
Behavioural Learning
Use A.I. and Machine Learning to better understand your business. Apply predictive analytics to anticipate the future through real-time customer data.
How we deliver
The World Global Technology platform is full stack, meaning it’s a standalone, fully integrated suite of back-end, middleware and front-end services and applications. It is modular by design so applications can be plugged in as you need them. In effect, it is a new start with a new bank, unattached to legacy system issues.
World Global Technology boasts an extremely broad range of system integration and consulting partners, bringing you choice and a deep pool of experience to help with your system migration.
Cloud or On-premise
Our Core Banking system can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.The choice is yours. The economics of the cloud means you can pay as you grow and only pay for the space you use.
Modular Platform
The World Global Technology Core Banking platform is modular, allowing for progressive innovation build/migration strategies, which dramatically reduces risk and speeds up time to market.
Continuous Upgrades
We’ll look after upgrades, maintenance, platform compliance, servers, storage and all the other areas that detract from your day job. Which leaves you free to build great customer relationships through an excellent data-driven financial platform.
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