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Full-service digital retail bank

A full suite of modular, fully integrated services and applications for personal and business customers.
A banking platform for traditional banks, challenger banks and consumer brands.
A superior banking platform lays the foundation for your success as a financial institution. You need a banking platform that creates efficiencies by improving your key processes whilst delivering exceptional user experiences.
Traditional Bank
An established bank that wants to target a new demographic or market with an ultra-modern proposition, while still harnessing the trust within their existing brand.
Challenger Bank
An established bank or new entrant that wants to launch a challenger brand bank with stand-alone, cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art user experiences.
New Entrant
Consuler brands including telcos, airlines or retail chains that want to enter the consumer banking or lending space, without exposure to the traditionally hight capex outlay of developing their own solution.
A full suite of modular, fully integrated products and services for personal and business customers.
Open banking
Build profitable partnerships with market innovators, using our open APIs to plug in the best products and services – creating a better customer experience on a platform you control.
Regulation ready
PSD2 is a death sentence for banks designed to encourage disintermediation. Our platform not only meets all new regulatory requirements but enables banks to be the control point.
The platform you choose determines your future.
Your customers have gone from a world of consuming products to accessing platforms that connect people and businesses. These new platforms are driving business innovation everywhere. Banking is no different.
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How have we done it ?

our modular, end-to-end banking platform based on SaaS technology and implemented using open standard formats, APIs and protocols. This brings existing financial institutions and new entrants of any size the opportunity to offer a smarter, affordable and de-risked solution that monetises data, opens new revenue streams and creates beautiful user experiences.
A full service digital experience
From transactional, deposit, saving, shared and joint accounts to budgeting and spending. every device, every touchpoint, every communication is the same delightful experience. and you can now offer all of this, in real time.
Enable your customers to send and request money instantly, for free. Link a bank account or debit card in seconds. Two-click process via in-app, text message, email or social media. All backed up by a comprehensive card network.
What can our modern technology do for your bank?
The impact of technology inflexibility is already being felt by major banks. Our truly modern tech stack solves this problem.
Complete banking suite
A functionally rich, multi-product, end-to-end integrated software and infrastructure solution, designed to support the entire customer life cycle.
Open banking & API's
Build partnerships with market innovators using our open APIs to plug in the best products and services to create better customer experiences.
PSD2/GDPR ready
Our open API platform is built so that financial institutions will not only be compliant for pending regulation, but be ready to take advantage of it.
Modular SOA design
Service-oriented architecture means using only the services you want. Run any combination of your own and third party products on a single platform.
Single view of customer
Truly know your customers, with every piece of data you have in one place. Know everything about your customers and learn what products to offer and when.
Use real-time data and data warehousing to deliver outstanding contextual user experiences while learning more about your customers.
Hosted via Amazon Web Services in a European cloud data centre. 24/7/365 support and hot failover disaster recovery. Resilience and availability at highest levels.
New revenue streams
Offer a smarter solution that monetises data, opens new revenue streams and creates beautiful user experiences through a single customer view.
Behavioural learning
Use A.I. and Machine Learning to better understand your business. Apply predictive analytics to anticipate the future through real-time customer data.
It's all about the customer. Right?
Your customers have come to expect great services at their fingertips. Whether it’s ordering a takeaway, applying for a job, finding a home or even looking for a date, they’re used to doing so at the touch of a button. So shouldn’t a pretty major activity in their life – like managing finances – be that easy too ?
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