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A lending platform for every loan type

World Global Technology provides a multi-purpose lending solution that’s fast, secure and paperless. Lending capabilities include mortgages and personal loans, SME and auto finance lending.
The World Global Technology lending platform comes with everything you need to write a loan. The platform is a fully integrated solution. A complete loan eco-system for everyone involved: bank staff, underwriter, solicitor, valuer, insurance providers and third party property portals, it's all in the box.
World Global Technology Personal Loans provides lenders a simple, intuitive user interface for a purely digital end-to-end personal loan process. With real-time auto decisioning and funding, custom scorecards, multiple third party data integration, powerful auto decisioning, lenders can create outstanding user experiences.
World Global Technology Lending Marketplace is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace where investors go to invest in loans originated by non-bank loan originators. Investors can invest in different types of loans originated by many different loan originators. By connecting to the World Global Technology Lending Marketplace, loan originators that have traditionally been balance sheet lenders can reap the benefits of the peer-to-peer lending model in funding their loans.
Lending that's digital from end to end
Getting a loan today is a truly awful customer (and banker) experience. The list of pain points is almost endless: KYC, AML, document printouts, bank statements, proof of address, proof of salary. A better way is long overdue.
 A high-functionality, fully integrated solution
World Global Technology provides a full end-to-end mortgage solution that is completely online, fast and secure. It is atruly customer-centric mortgage experience with an exceptionally efficient lending model. An operations team of 8 can write €1b per annum delivering 10x operating cost advantages.
Traditional Lenders
Giving traditional lenders innovative products that give customers an easy, fast and consistent user experience acoss all channels.
Non-Bank Lenders
Online and AltFi lenders can deploy a new end-to-end loan management solution using modern cloud technology.
Marketplace Lenders
World Global Technology grows your business with confidence and delivers an easy and diversified investment and borrowing experience.
The only lending solution with fully integrated back-end, middleware and front-end services. Automated decisioning and streamlined processing for loan origination, underwriting and drawdown.

A unique end-to-end lending solution

Amazingly flexible loan manager
Managing things from the dashboard is easy. Your customers can decrease monthly payments, or take a month off. They can also increase payments to shorten the term. It’s their loan: it should be as flexible as they need it to be.
Nobody should need days off work to apply for a loan. Now at last you can offer borrowers a complete digital loan experience. From loan origination to document upload to loan drawdown, everything’s online. Your customer’s loan is automatically approved and available in minutes, meaning your overheads are also significantly lower.
What can our modern technology do for your bank?
The impact of technology inflexibility is already being felt by major banks. Our truly modern tech stack solves this problem.
Every loan type
Offer your customers a full suite of secured and non-secured lending products and services. Mortgages, Personal, Auto, P2P and SME.
Smart credit assessment
Use our proprietary algorithms or integrate with traditional credit agencies. The loans self manage, allowing you to focus on your customer, with dramatically reduced opex.
Loan manager
The World Global Technology loan manager easily lets your customers adjust payments and loan term when it suits them, in real-time without the need for back office staff involvement.
Ultra-efficient processes
The touch-time of each credit application is significantly reduced through highly automated processes, resulting in materially lower business origination and management costs.
Loan lifecycle tracking
A complete loan lifecycle platform from application, approval, servicing to eventual closure. All data in one place, synchronised, in real-time and easily auditable, means a dramatic reduction in loan processing time.
Complete lending eco-system
A fully transparent lending platform that integrates all parties involved in delivering a loan product. From underwriter, solicitor to insurance providers to 3rd party services such as property and auto portals.
Non-performing loan management
The World Global Technology lending platform dramatically reduces the cost, time, and losses of unrecovered loans by curbing credit portfolio degeneration through our first to market 'NPL Manager'.
Powerful data
Our Single View of Customer gives you a fully rounded perspective on each customer. The real-time nature of the data allows you to respond instantly to client or market events.
Portofolio Management
All the tools you need to easily monitor, manage and understand your loan portfolio. Create your own custom report views easily without IT support to understand your risk breakdown.
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