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Letter of the CEO

World Global Technology studied the market with his particularities and issues that are completely specific for place.


Our office in Tel Aviv/ Israel continue to scouting and customizing to give all-time the best innovative technologies to our customers


The world  financial and economic landscape; the mass population that in some countries have strong demand for social inclusion in the fields of banking and health insurance, has led World Global Technology to provide and custom innovative products.


WGT will provide to the market, insurance; financial corps system and economy to become more efficient, simpler and more accessible to the users.


This digital transformation is a source of innovation in the HIGH-TECH sector, Fintech, Insurtech and Mobile Tech and allows you to reduce structural costs, to scale and operating. savings structural costs to your organizations and giving you an immediate result.


Advantages by World Global Technology innovations:


  • Saving up to 40% off the working costs in your banking and insurance.


Micro credits:


  • A reduction of unpaid monthly loans – currently, according to the World Bank, from 40 % or 50 % to 18 %.

  • The treatment/queries processing cost via your call centers with SmartBot drops from 30% to 70% which will allow you to have a better brand image of your organization and decrease your call center costs from 20% to 40%.


Bank account:


  • Instant local and international transfers at prices much lower than today.

  • Shortened processes within your organizational system, such as a bank account opening in 8 minutes by your mobile bank application or internet.


Lending money:


  • Credit request done in  10 minutes, an immediate answer and making the credit in real time.

  • The way to lend more money to the right customers and increase substantially your different types of credits.




  • A financial platform, an aggregator that will allow you to offer the same services as mobile money and inter-polarity transfers between different mobile players (PayPal, mPesa, Tigo Pesa Apple pay, Google pay, etc.)


Stock market:


World Global Technology Artificial intelligence system is able to scan thousands of parameters in the world, as well as your local market.


This solution will provide you with every morning pieces of advice and positions of your traders’ brokers and clients.

We arrived at highly efficient results in the field that never been reached before, and this system was adopted by the major world global banks.


This digitalization will give you the opportunity to speak the same language as your global counterparts and open your markets to new horizons with foreign investors.




World Global Technology Insurtech and artificial intelligence tools will allow you to give a better service to your customers and considerably reduce the heaviness of the processes that you are currently using.

Digitalizing your company will allow you to reach new markets such as Micro insurance, Anti-fraud insurance and automation on all stages. This will save you up to 50% of your operating costs and significantly increase your profits.


Mobile operators:


Thanks to our SmartBot systems and our CRM as well, our micro-credit tool will give you the possibility to decrease your operating costs, offering innovative concepts to your customers and your internal structure. It will increase your incomes by decreasing costs on both parts - on the number of your subscribers and on a number of micro-credits contacted.



To be WORLD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY customer, will give you the benefit to be up to date with all our most innovative solutions that we scout and develop in Tel Aviv.

Our R&D office compliance the technologies that grow and custom them for you.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       By Zeev Afriat




" The first thing that has to be recognized is that one cannot train someone to be passionate–it’s either in their DNA or it’s not                                    Richard Branson





Meet The Team

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Zeev Afriat

Ceo & Founder

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Zeev have an experience in serial business for 25 years.

Expert in business development for many High-Tech companies


Jane Davis

Marketing and Business  Developpment

Jane is marketer and Business developer for over 10 years worked with many famous brands like Procter&Gamble, HSBC etc...

James Cohen


James is a network engineer

has long an experience in IT

and Fintech

systems integration

Works with Intel, IBM, Microsoft etc…

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